Main System

The Main system provides a user-friendly, intuitive and familiar graphical user interface to interact with the underlying data. Processing of shareholder data is easy and fast with minimal effort from the user.

  • User-friendly, intuitive and familiar graphical user interface
  • Fast processing of Record of Depositors data
  • One-click generation of all main reports
  • Public shareholding spread report
  • Online viewing of listings and reports
  • Shareholder listing in selected sort order
  • Filtering of shareholder listing
  • Search for shareholders with various criteria
  • Dividend processing with currency preference
  • Printing of dividend cheques with bank reconciliation
  • Employee Share Option Scheme share allotment
  • Subdivision of shares and bonus issue processing
  • Enable handling of rights issue exercise
  • Processing of non-equity securities
  • Fast printing on line printers or quality print on laser printers
  • Easy backup system
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